Sewer Plant Services

Comeaux Plumbing is very experienced at commercial and residential sewer plant installation, repairs, contracts, pump services, and maintenance.

We also sell and rebuild aerators and sewage pumps. Our techs are licensed and certified for the following brand systems:

  • Delta

  • Norweco

  • Jet Systems

  • Clearstream

  • Camp Units

  • Hoot Systems

  • Modad

  • Commercial Units

We also service Hoot Systems and aid in the installation of Hoot systems. We are accredited with the LA Board of Health for these services. These units can only be installed or repaired by certified technicians. All parts must be replaced or repaired with OEM products for that particular brand.

We have extensive experience with these units and stock most of the replaceable parts.

LA Board of Health requires many residential customers to carry a maintenance contract on there unit with a certified company. All commercial units must be maintained by a licensed operator.

All types of these units must be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis. Usually 3 to 5 years depending on usage.

We also sell treatment enzymes to help plants that are struggling without enough bacteria to completely process the sewage.